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Our Team of Teachers are Our No.1 Priority

Our Extensive Support

Working Life Support

We help teachers who need to move for our contracts with housing and relocation.  Whether it be an apartment completely arranged by GLAD or one of your own choice, we are happy to be the facilitator between teacher and rental agents. For contracts in secluded countryside areas, we may be able to offer subsidized housing similar to Japanese teachers.

In connection with our housing and relocation support, we also provide help and advice with daily necessities such as organizing electricity, water, gas and the internet at your homes. For example, if you have a problem with your water pipes at your home, we can be the interpreter between you and the repair company.

Along with the daily necessities such as electricity and water, we help teachers with purchasing cell phones and registering a bank account. Both which are vital for working in Japan. If required, we can also loan teachers a company cell phone.

Teaching contracts in the countryside areas usually require teachers to drive to schools by car. If required, GLAD will provide a rental car at a reasonable fee per month.

While teaching with GLAD, we are responsible for sponsoring your working visa. The paperwork and physically dealing with immigration can be exhausting, but we are happy to take care of the paperwork, and interpret for you. Visa renewals, type changes, and new applications, with the correct documents we will make the process as painless as possible.

Working visa paperwork is just the beginning. Foreign teachers working in Japan must submit legal documents to their local city hall or town hall, just like Japanese citizens. These documents may include change of address, health insurance, residence taxes, and applying for official documents. We will be happy to assist with paperwork, and interpret as needed.

Teachers who are working and living in Japan for the first time may find it difficult to get accustomed to the new environment. We understand that it’s not easy and that teachers will get homesick and face culture shock. GLAD coordinators are more than happy to listen to your problems and worries. We will do everything we can to help you understand, appreciate, and enjoy your time working in Japan.

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Teaching and School Support

A coordinator will accompany you to your school on or before the first day to greet the principal and staff at your school. They will help you get settled in your new workplace and be the bridge between you and the school if you have any problems or concerns.

Before you start teaching you will be required to attend paid training seminars. These training sessions are held to explain the rules, expectations and administrative processes of your contract and placement schools in more detail. For new ALTs, we also provide an introductory training course on how to be an effective and successful ALT.

GLAD coordinators are responsible for relaying class schedules from schools to ALTs. For teachers who are placed at multiple schools, coordinators will cooperate with Japanese teachers to make sure you are always updated with any changes or cancellations.

During a contract, coordinators will visit your schools to observe your lessons. They will consult with your coworkers to see if there is any further help that we can provide for you. We will also provide you with professional feedback to develop and improve your skills.

If by chance a teacher is having difficulties at their school with their workplace or coworkers, coordinators will solve the situation by being a mediator between the school and ALT. Sometimes things get lost in translation or sometimes coworkers may have different values compared to you. The coordinators are here to listen to both sides of the story and help guide both parties to a compromise.

During your contract, teachers will be provided with all the necessary teaching resources such as textbooks and materials. If there is something extra you need, feel free to let us know. If it is there to increase the effectiveness of your lesson and contribute positively to the learning we will consider providing extra materials.

Being the only foreign teacher in a Japanese school can sometimes be isolating and lonely. Therefore GLAD holds frequent workshops and events for our teachers to meet other teachers on the team and share ideas and experiences in a more casual setting.

Meet the GLAD Staff

Main Branch Staff

Megumi – Osaka

I’m Meg, a Recruiter at GLAD. It’s always to nice to get to know new people through my job. I used to teach and I learned a lot especially from my teaching experience with kids. I love to travel and enjoy music. I can’t wait to see you all and work together!

Masami – Osaka

I’m Masami, an Accountant at the Osaka head office. I was in the service industry for over 10 years before I joined GLAD. So I’m still learning about accounting, but it’s always nice to learn something new and of course to meet new people. I’m looking forward to working with you soon!

 Yuki – Osaka

My name is Yuki, a Sales Representative at GLAD. I have worked for several industries, but the ALT related business is the longest and most comfortable for me. I’m easygoing and love the beach, beer and Australia (VB is my favorite by the way). Join our team and let’s support kids throughout Japan! They are waiting for you!

Kimi – Osaka

I am Kimi, a Recruiter. I was born and raised in Osaka, but now I live in Nara. I have stayed in the US for a year and a half to study English and how to teach it. After that I taught English for 4 years in Osaka. It was nothing but fun! The more time I spent planning, the more successful the classes became. In my free time, I love taking naps, but I also like playing tennis, watching movies and TV, and going out in kimono. Looking forward to learning about you soon!

Shiomi – Osaka

My name is Shiomi, a Coordinator at NPO GLAD. I love to learn things that I don’t know, therefore my hobby is to travel all over Japan and overseas. I’ve lived in Vancouver, Canada for a year and went through a lot of things there. I’d love to share my experiences and memories with you. I’m very open and honest, I’m doing my best to make my ALTs happy and comfortable!! Looking forward to meeting you.

Mai – Osaka

I work as a Coordinator, my name is Mai. I’ve studied English in Canada and the Philippines when I was a student. ‘Diversity’ is my favorite word. I really enjoy working with people from various countries and backgrounds at GLAD. I’m looking forward to working with you someday soon!

Frank – Osaka

Hi! I’m Frank. I’m a specialist here at GLAD. I hail from Washington State, a part of the US that has had a long history with Japan. After years of false starts, I finally made my way here nearly a decade ago to follow my own path. I’ve always been based out of Osaka; joining the GLAD team felt like a natural fit. Make the most out of the opportunities given to you!

 Kevin – Osaka

My name is Kevin and my role with NPO GLAD is Recruiting and Marketing. I grew up in Los Angeles, California with an American Mother and Japanese Father. I visited Japan many times as a child and fell in love with Japanese culture. Since I moved to Japan in 2014, I’ve lived in Tokyo, Chiba, and now in Osaka. My hobbies are watching movies, karaoke, and yoga.

Regional Coordinators

Manami – Kyushu

I’m Manami, the coordinator in Kyushu. I have taught Japanese in China, Mexico and Alaska for 5 years. When I was working overseas, I was always supported by a lot of kind people. So I’m glad that I am in the position in which can help foreign teachers who work in Japan now! Working at NPO GLAD is fantastic. We welcome you to our team!

Kotomi – Kyushu

Hi, my name is Kotomi. I am an ALT coordinator. I have studied English in America and Canada, and Linguistics at my University. I have worked as an English teacher at a private junior high school and high school, a cram school and an English conversation school. My life and English are closely related with each other. I love my current job at NPO GLAD, English, traveling all over Japan and overseas, driving and having a wonderful time with people. I will support MY ALTs so that they won’t have any troubles and will be able to work in a mentally good state. Hope to work with you soon!

Akiko – Okayama

My name is Akiko from Okayama branch. I am a Coordinator. My husband is English and we used to live in New Zealand for 5 years. My hobby is cooking and when I completely get into it, I lose all sense of time! Anyway, I am looking forward to working with you guys!

Chihiro – Chubu

I’m Chihiro, a Coordinator. I have many hobbies like playing volleyball, the piano, snowboarding, and I went to tea ceremony school for 7 years. When I was a university student, I got 2 kinds of teacher’s licenses. After I started this job, I really enjoyed observing each teacher’s class. It’s good studying for me. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Sachiko – Okayama

Hi, I’m Sachiko from the Okayama branch. I work as an assistant, making new curriculum and materials for teachers at GLAD. I get to try new things, new ideas and meet new people every day, and I love working at GLAD. I was born and raised in Osaka, but after finishing high school in Nara prefecture, I moved to the U.S. I graduated from a college in Minnesota, and spent several more years there. In 2015, I moved back to Japan, to a beautiful little town in Okayama prefecture. Life seemed a bit challenging at first but I think I am finally getting the hang of it 😉 I might be able to relate to some of you who are just starting to work here. I cannot wait to meet you!

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