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NPO GLAD stands for Non-profit Organization Global Learning Advancement Department.

We are organized as a Non-profit Organization under the law of such activities and legally recognized as one.

As such we are not allowed to take profits and to have an excessive amount of savings as determined by government bureau. Additionally, we are not allowed to personally enrich ourselves above and beyond our normal salaries. Our motive for being in this industry is not for profit as our title presents. Please read our mission statement  here .

It does not mean that we work for free or offer charities. However, we organize events and English camps with Boards of Education and schools which reach out to the community throughout the year. In the past, we have done cooking and conversation classes in English, visited kindergartens as Santa Clause, held kids conversation events, and much more! Depending on what we decide to do with the Board of Education and schools, there may be an opportunity for you to participate as well.

Although we are growing year by year as a company, we offer a warm and friendly atmosphere for those who join us. 7 years ago, we started with 2 coordinators and 3 ALTs. We were able to maintain the same kind of style as a small business mentality of taking care of one another.

Our support is unbeatable and we pride ourselves on working extra hard for our teachers. As long as you work hard, try your best, and are sincere, we will do the same for you.

Our goals are in line with our hearts. We are very selective when it comes to inviting people into our company either as ALTs or staff members. We would like to create a company of awesome people who also share the same vision and values that we are built upon. Presently, we are doing pretty well in this aspect.

Working as an ALT

Assistant Language Teachers are required to dress in business attire during teacher trainings, meetings with the Board of Education, and official meetings. We advise that teachers dress conservatively with muted or neutral colors.

Men: Business coat, necktie, slacks/dress pants, neutral color or white collared shirt, belt, and dress shoes
Women: Business coat, neutral color or white collared shirt, business styled shoes or heels, skirts or

The first day of work you will be asked to wear business attire. After, you can slowly start adjusting to the attire of the workplace by observing what your teachers around you are wearing.

Work hours are usually set between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM with an hour of lunch break every day. Working hours and lunch breaks vary from school to school, but we will be sure to let you know of your schedules well in advance.

The average is about 4 lessons per work day. Assistant teachers are given an ample amount of time to prepare and plan for their upcoming lessons. On non-teaching hours, the ALT may spend those hours lesson planning, interacting with students, participating in school activities, eating lunch with students, and other teacher-related responsibilities.

Knowing how to speak Japanese will improve your quality of life in Japan greatly. Fluency is not required as an ALT. However, teachers working in GLAD are highly encouraged to be conversational in Japanese due to the constant need of speaking with your Japanese Teachers of English (JTE) when it comes to lesson planning and discussing responsibilities for the day. Being able to communicate effectively through language barriers will be important as an ALT.

Additionally, being able to communicate, understand, and learn about Japanese culture through your day-to-day interactions with students, teachers, staff, and people outside of work is a reward in itself.

For work-related Japanese, please look at this resource available online created by Go
here to learn classroom Japanese which will be important as an ALT.

The answer is, unfortunately, no.

We have many ALT positions which are in the countryside where there is unreliable or close to no public transportation. If stated on the job description, it means that we are specifically looking teachers who can drive to work in an area which is difficult to reach, without walking or biking for hours uphill or through valleys. 

If you do not have a car, we will be able to organize a rental car for you to use daily. Please consult for further details.

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