Last Tuesday, we had our second Registration Day for 2018 at the IZNT International Experience Bar in Sannomiya! Thank you to all the aspiring new ALTs that took the time to drop by to meet us and register on our teacher list.

It was our first time to hold a registration event away from the main office, but we were completely overwhelmed by the professionalism of everyone who came! We believe your input and cooperation really made the night such a positive and successful night!

Also, a big shout out to all our former ALT team members who also joined in on the event. It was a great chance to catch up with everyone! We are so happy to know that we aren’t forgotten and we are grateful for being able to have built such strong and lasting relationships with you guys!

Once again an amazing night! Great people, relaxed venue and some food and drinks to top the night off.

Thanks once again to everyone that came!

For those who couldn’t make it out, we have one last registration for the Kansai area this year in Shinsaibashi on Wednesday, December 27th.

NPO GLAD News 2018 Registration Day in Kobe3

NPO GLAD News 2018 Registration Day in Kobe5