At the start of 2018, we held our first ever Registration Day for 2018 in Tokyo at the Goodbeer Faucets bar in Shibuya! Thank you so much to all the aspiring new ALTs that took the time to drop by to meet us and register on our teacher list.

It was our first time holding an event like this away from the Kansai area. And not to mention a two-day programme with a meet-and-greet on the first and orientation on the second! Once again we were thrilled by the amazing turnout and overwhelmed by the welcome we received from candidates in the Tokyo area.

It was an amazing 2-day experience for our team.

Thank you once again to all the teachers that came to register. We will definitely make it our mission to make trips out to Tokyo and the Kanto area more and network with as many teachers as possible.

Stay tuned for more Registration Events coming up this year!

January Registration Day Tokyo3

January Registration Day Tokyo2

January Registration Day Tokyo1

January Registration Day Tokyo5