At the start of November, we at GLAD had some exciting news! We welcomed ‘Chris’ a young, ambitious and empathetic guy as the newest member of our recruiting team!

Currently, he is getting used to our office and our duties, but he will be heavily involved in all aspects of recruiting and marketing.

We are over the moon to have him our team!

For our current and future team of ALTs, we gave him a quick self-introduction email so everyone can get to know him better!

Check it out!

Tell Us a Little About Yourself?

Hi everyone! I’m Chris. I’m originally from a place called Kapolei. The second city of Oahu Hawaii where my family and dog currently resides. I play the guitar and I like singing karaoke. I’m currently trying to get a taste of nihonshu or Japanese sake. I enjoy nights out and music.

I currently run my own blog called All Night Owt where I write about the nightlife in Osaka and the deep parts of the nightlife culture here that people don’t really see. On some days I do travel blogging for a site called Voyapon where they send me to places and write about travel hot spots of Japan. Click for more information: All Night Owt.

I have been in Japan for about 3 years. I have worked both as and an English conversation school teacher. Now I have just begun my NPO GLAD career as a recruiter and coordinator. I’m excited to what this company has in store for me.

Why Did You Come to Japan?

To eat the amazing food. Other than that, experience the changing seasons, go to shrines, temples, enjoy heated toilet seats, and so forth, I have to be honest: It was because of my ex-girlfriend. Long story short, I had a Japanese-Filipino American ex-girlfriend who I decided to study Japanese with in High School. From then, I gained interest in anime, Japanese food, and culture which heavily influenced my personality. As you can see, it wasn’t exactly because of her, but she was a big factor of me being in Japan (don’t tell her).

People always ask me, “What part of Japanese culture do you like?”. I always tell them this: When I was in high school, my Japanese language teacher, Yamada sensei, told me that in Japan, people who find a wallet, or even a 1000 yen note on the ground, would return it to the police. In my Japanese class, I was baffled and said to myself “No way. Impossible”. If I ever found money on the group, my American mind would tell me to take it and put it in my pocket as quickly as possible before someone found it.

I was fascinated at this point of Japanese psyche and way of thinking. I wanted to find out and learn why people have this strong sense justice while not being so religious like other countries ruled by religion. In University, I also studied psychology, so many of my years studying I pondered about the different processes of thinking due to culture which I found fascinating.

Why Did You Join NPO GLAD?

I saw that joining NPO GLAD provided me an opportunity to grow professionally and as a person. I was told before joining that the position as a coordinator and recruiter would come with a lot of responsibility. Because I’m in my mid 20’s I thought that this would be a good time for me to learn more professional and managerial skills. However, most of all, I also saw being in NPO GLAD as an opportunity to help people.

Because I have 3 years of experience of being an English teacher in both ALT and English conversation school paths, I feel that I am able to offer some insight and advice to people who are just starting as how I did. Living in a foreign country, starting from zero with no friends or connections, learning how to be an adult, and trying to find yourself within Japanese society is quite the adventure. I know, I’ve been there. And I’m still trying to figure things out myself.

Many people have helped me during my time in Japan. I hope to somehow to return the favour to the current and incoming teachers of NPO GLAD. In this position I am in, I am able to do so.

What is Your Mission at NPO GLAD

I aim to use my skills and experience to help people as within our company as much as I can.
In addition to offering my own support to teachers, my mission at NPO GLAD is to build a network and connect teachers who can support each other.

I have some interesting ideas of how to go about this. There is a lot to do and little time. However, I will try my best to serve all of you here working in NPO GLAD as well.

Megumi, Frank, and I are planning a few awesome events in the future so keep posted! Through these events, you’ll be able to meet a ton of new and cool people. Hope you can join us!

Last Comment for Future Recruits

Coming to GLAD and Japan is your fast-track ticket to self-development and adventure in a place with beautiful people, language, and culture. You will experience many things coming to Japan as an Assistant Language teacher that you have never imagined. You will also become more international as you will be able to meet people from all over the world looking to enjoy the same things you do. It’s all apart of what you all signed up for, or will sign up for. Coming to Japan was the best decision of my life thus far as I have grown in many ways.

Many of us in NPO GLAD understand that coming and living in a foreign country is an experience in itself. However, knowing that you have a strong support system to back you up if you are in need, will provide you with a peace of mind will allow you to fully enjoy a life in Japan.